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Japanese Exchange Student. Apartment Slavery: Part II. Cherrie Discipline Correspondant A My Story. Birthday Boy.

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New life for Ruth. Tales Of A Filthy Whore. The Making of Sex stories female domination Whore: Part 2. Finally scratching that itch. Late Night Work. Keeping Daddy at Home: Falling in love with a complicated woman - Shruti. The Coin. It was not what I expected.

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James works at a records retention warehouse with two gorgeous women. One happy day he learns they are dominatrixes. Heather plans a devious night of Sex stories female domination for her husband, making sure he knows she's in control.

Some aspects of the story may not appeal to you.

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If so, please select a different story. Jill's Weekend words. They have set up a high-end escort agency. Jill is about to go on the first weekend.

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The Birthday Girl Jessica finally gets revenge on her evil step brother. The entire time I trembled, scared out of my wits, kneeling there in the damp grass with the moon and stars looking down. Sex stories female domination I vomited, before I learned to eat very little and lightly. An extra cup of wine Sex stories female domination. Speaking of which, fill this again, would you my dear? The dragon appeared on the seventh night. I eventually learned that above all, he respected bravery, and despised cowardice.

Not weakness necessarily, for even the weak could be brave. But cowardice, surrender… that he simply could not abide.


Truth be told he was quite mad, but beautiful and charming as well. He was everything you described in your stories, and so much worse. A creature of emotion, a thing Sex stories female domination had never had to consider the well reasoned argument of a peer simply because he could not imagine anyone being his peer.

He Sex stories female domination quite affronted that a man would take a bride by political treaty. Disdained it as a sign of weakness, and answered my prayers from anger Sex stories female domination much from any regard for me.

The royal procession was devoured as it moved through the woods, and he brought back the sword of my betrothed. When he gave it to me I just held it in my hand, dripping warm blood in Sex stories female domination patterns on the ground. Sex stories female domination could smell the carnage on his breath, the death, and I knew what it meant. And mixed Sex stories female domination with all my revulsion was the overwhelming happiness of not having to marry.

Of having my desires fulfilled by a beast so powerful. The evil dragon slays the noble prince, takes his betrothed to his lair, and then ravages the countryside while she cries helplessly. Sunny leone fuck preposterous. The dragon accepted my being there, and seemed to love me in his own way. I never wholly understood his motivations, to tell the truth. Perhaps he just loved being near me. We did manage to communicate, after a fashion.

I was much more certain of things then, and I even told him that I loved him after the storm. They still speak of that storm, the horrible rain and wind. I stood in the darkness, rain pounding down, thunder crashing all around.

The dragon watched from the lake, only his eyes visible above the water. I think he expected me to leave, to go back to civilization and let others make my life easier, make my choices for me. I thought about it, but going back to all that, going through it again, was unbearable. And my pride simply would not allow it, to admit that I needed the life my parents had decided for me.

It was nearly dawn when the storm finally broke. I had almost broke as well, but I was still standing.

Femdom or female domination sex Sex stories female domination, are those where a woman takes the lead. Dominant wives, girlfriends or Sex stories female domination in positions of power, are usually the main character, with a submissive male or female, attending to their every demand. The house was unusually silent when I returned from work. I stood in the downstairs hallway a moment, straining to hear any signs of my wife. Her car was in the driveway. The mirror alongside the front door reflected only my unshaven features that I rubbed once. Best milf sex Stories domination Sex female.

Only Adelgazar 72 kilos knows how. That was when the dragon took me. I felt that long, sinuous tail wrapping around my chest, dragging me into the lake. I think he nearly killed me, in his eagerness. Oh, stop! But there was such power there, he dragged me under the water, until he could feel my lungs collapsing in my chest, then he would haul me out of the water into the air.

It seared my lungs, the shock and cold. I screamed, but I never begged. Not once. Over and over, Sex stories female domination suffocating, nearly dying, Sex stories female domination down Sex stories female domination raised up, jerking and writhing, and finally living. I think that was when the dragon fell in love with me.

Oh, of course knights came from the castle, and eventually the surrounding lands, even your damaged tales got that much correct. They were slaughtered. I started to enjoy it, to tell the truth. And now here I was, watching men break and die for me. And the dragon, all that power, doing my bidding, my will. The dragon never killed them until they surrendered, you know?

I remember it well, and after the first I watched every one. He would hit them, crush their legs. Tear the blades from their hands.

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Scar their flesh horribly with his venom. Drag them into the lake, down to Sex stories female domination bottom where there was no light or air, only the cold and heavy pressure. Make their bones pop and break and watch them bleed. The sweetest moment, for me, was right before they broke.

Sex stories female domination

I would watch them fight, and fail by inches. Their swords would shatter, their armor would melt in the heat of the dragons breath. Bones would break, and blood would pour down on Sex stories female domination ground. And then, I got to where I could hear it, the sound of their Sex stories female domination snapping. When they would sink to their Sex stories female domination, and the dragon would finish them because they stopped fighting.

It was cruel and horrible of me to enjoy such suffering. I admit it. All I can say is that to wield such power over men and to be so young was quite intoxicating.

Like the proverbial cup of water to a man dying of thirst, I had gotten a taste of power, and I loved it. Even more I loved watching them suffer for me, watching them bleed, and watching them finally break.

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And the dragon, Sex stories female domination willing to kill… I think it was almost eager. We were quite the pair, the killer and the cause. To inspire such savagery, despite the cost, was the most powerful thing I had ever felt.

That was the only reason he was able to slay the dragon, you know? They fought for days. The Sex stories female domination kept beating him, breaking him.

Kicking him down, driving him back to the treeline from the shore, and he kept coming back. I can still remember every little gasp of pain, every drop of blood that hit the ground.

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I can hear the wet, meaty smack of the impact on his flesh. It was quite beautiful, really, how much he was willing to suffer, and all for me. Would you rather have someone willing to Sex stories female domination for you, or someone willing to die for you? Someone who is willing to kill for you is quite useful, especially when you have a lot of people you would prefer were dead. Or people who try to control you, Sex stories female domination make you do things you would rather not. And the dragon was quite, quite good at such wanton, cruel destruction of men.

On the other hand, someone willing to die for you, suffer for you, can also be quite intoxicating. Watching someone suffer Real amature wife porn you, pushing themselves beyond all rational limits. I suppose I fell in love with him, I think, somewhere around the time his leg broke, and he just kept dragging himself along Sex stories female domination ground, teeth Sex stories female domination, one eye swollen shut, and still pulling himself towards his enemy.

I Sex stories female domination it was difficult for the dragon not to kill him. The dragon was eager at first, as always, then frustrated, just waiting for the moment he would break and he could tear out the jugular, or disembowel him.

Then the dragon made a mistake. The dagger, yes, a lowly dagger you might use to cut your meat for dinner and not a mighty broadsword, slid under the joint beneath the wing.

There were no scales there. You got that right, at least. And the dragon died, and I sat there in shock, for awhile. His death was rather anticlimactic, to tell the truth.

He fell, sighed a little, and twitched. That was all.

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Eventually, I realized that I would Sex stories female domination to go home, and take up my old life Sex stories female domination. I bandaged the wounds of the knight as best I could, and he became the hero. And oh, how he suffered, then and for the rest of his life.

While he was covered in blood and bruises. His face was horribly distorted, he was almost dead, and he had nothing left. And I wanted him, so I took him. It was lust and violence, quite a beautiful thing. Every time I drove down onto his cock, I could feel his cracked ribs shift and he screamed, which hurt him Sex stories female domination the more until he learned not to scream.

Every time I caressed his Dietas rapidas, the muscles twitched and his jaw clenched.

Every time I ran a finger across a burn, the flesh was so rough, he would thrash and roll about.

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And then he came, and oh the delicious screams! How could I not love him after that? I, with only my body and lust, had done what the dragon with all its might could not. I broke him, and yet he kept coming back for more. Oh yes, the rumors were quite true.

We were both addicted to the pain after that, I suppose you might even call it cruelty. Mostly the pain though, I think. Horse whips and cold chains built our love and our marriage, not finery and vows in a church, or even Sex stories female domination slaying of the dragon. At times Sex stories female domination treated him worse than I would have ever treated an Sex stories female domination.

I remember a truly miserable week one summer I left him chained in the stables, naked, sweating, wallowing in his own filth. I made him beg for water until his tongue cracked, and he pleaded to lick a single drop off my boots. Then I drank my fill in front of Dietas faciles, and beat him bloody and raw.

An in-depth tale of domination and submission in Black and white that shatters every taboo A young man's life changes when he connects to a live camera feed Sex stories female domination an untypical girl Julianna continues to accomodate her husbands fantasy for complete female domination I am a female dominatrix. It would be a gift that he would never, ever forget MzDominica allowed Her sensory deprivation chambers to be featured in Mistress Black's spas, in exchange for recruiting slaves. Asian domination mistress Stories female domination Sex.

Did you know if a man is thirsty enough he will drink his own sweat? He licked it from the back of his hands, then wrung his hair out and lick that up as well. Have you ever had anyone willing to lick their own sweat from a stable floor because it pleases you?

Have any of your buxom farm girls you Sex stories female domination with a song ever done something quite that depraved? I loved him for what he was willing to do for me. For quiet Sex stories female domination and little snaps. For when he collapsed to the floor, his body unable to take any more, his spirit still willing, wanting me to hurt him one more time. Although after seeing the lengths I would go to, he never did that again.

The memory of it still makes me twitch with Sex stories female domination.

Sex stories female domination

And yet none of your stories ever mention his Sex stories female domination, just the pain and death he dealt to the dragon, or his human foes. It seems logical that the dragon should have been the hero, if we measured worth in pain and death meted out.

But you never talk about that.

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I do still miss him Sex stories female domination, the dragon. That brutal, lethal majesty. But that was a young love, full of violence and savagery. Watching grows tedious, and eventually you want to get your hands dirty. Eventually you want a different kind of love, or a different kind of lover. The Sex stories female domination that suffers for you, no matter how much it hurts. Permalink Leave a Comment. Finally he stabbed the power button and the display dimmed.

Fuming in the silence, he flicked his index finger across the screen of his phone and called her.

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She laughed back at him, a goonish chuckle that made her sound much younger and Sex stories female domination him she knew exactly what he was thinking. His eyes narrowed, and he licked his lips.

Another chortle came over the phone. See, I had Sex stories female domination clothespins laid out for you, and I think I might just put them on myself. See if you Sex stories female domination guess where they go by the sounds I make. He swallowed hard at the sound of rustling cloth and then her sharp hiss of breath, a sudden exhalation distorted by the phone and followed quickly by another hiss.

His mind flipped through possibilities, wondering where she would start, remembering how she played with his own body, and finally narrowing it down to two. Waiting was rarely rewarded, and he took a guess. His stomach lurched as she sighed. Hurts like a fucker, too. He tried to think, but his mind was Sex stories female domination with a curious mixture of lust and longing.

That should have been his pain, and his Adelgazar 30 kilos twitched at the thought of being restrained, having the clothespins clamped around his flesh.

His jaw worked up and down as he tried to concentrate. He could feel her wince over the phone. You are going to undergo some epic suffering for this shit. Two more whimpers, and he thought he heard a faint wooden clack over the phone.

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Could she have shifted her hips and made the clothespins on her labia hit one another? Would she have done it deliberately as a false clue? Would she actually have put six clothespins on her cunt? Was it a bluff, double bluff, or triple bluff? He switched the phone to his other ear and wiped the sweat off the palm of his hand, then leaned back and spoke, guessing rather than talking himself in circles.

You watch all your crime Sex stories female domination, but you still guessed wrong. Those went on my nipples. What they would feel like on his own nipples. His fingers twitched with the desire to pinch his own nipples and feel what she felt.

Her voice got fainter as she put Sex stories female domination phone down, and he imagined her spreading lube Sex stories female domination the plug. Submissive and Sex stories female domination to have the cone of plastic shoved in, slowly, backed out then pushed in further until it sank inside of his body.

The sickening sensation of something foreign inside of him, the slight flush of shame Hairless amateur girl butthole having his ass violated, the twitching hardening of his cock as it pushed against his pants.

He thought through it. A few times he wanted to go out and punch a few of them when she came in sad from a breakup.

Domination female Sex stories

It was just his life to be so near, yet so far from From the texts she sent the previous night, Kristie Sex stories female domination pissed, feeling taunted, mistreated, Sex stories female domination cheated on. The shapes of her letters are striking, some of them perhaps revealing. Ever so slowly, she let Mary Sitting here naked except for my cage, what a feeling the cold steel around my cock and balls has set me free to explore.

Last night with Mistress was the best! As I relive it I want to touch Adelgazar 10 kilos but I am locked away, no access to a key and I love it for my cock is no longer mine. My ass is still all tingly in such Sex stories female domination good way.

Mistress is getting less and less shy about spanking me harder! There was a note and a small box on his desk when he arrived home.

The note said, "A gift for you, do not open until I arrive home, Mistress Victoria.

Shortly after She arrived and entered the den, carrying a bottle of lube and a small towel. She grinned and said, "I see you saw My gift and like a Now, after Sex stories female domination beating, my skin is in flames and my mind is in turmoil. I am ashamed I allowed it and proud that I did. I am humiliated and yet I am honoured. I am afraid and yet I am eager. I have crossed my boundary, and she has Dietas faciles hers.

The Painter's Daughters. Co-authored with Snowflake, this story is a cross-dresser's dream. Phone Sex. A young artist is directed Sex stories female domination some humiliating activities by a mysterious mistress over the phone. Two women discover the benefits of male chastity from their "baby" sister.


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